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Kara’s 1st Year of Transition - Part 2 (Listener Q&A)

March 3, 2021

This is the second part of our episode about Kara’s journey as a transgender woman. Kara answers anonymous, listener-submitted questions, along with questions from Becky.


Questions and times:

  1. Any new hobbies since coming out? (1:15)
  2. Any role models/icons who inspired you with your transition? (5:15)
  3. Is there something you wish you knew before transitioning? (9:15)
  4. Did anyone cut you out of their life? (11:50)
  5. Has the way you’ve thought about things changed? (15:30)
  6. How do you speak about your past/how do you refer to yourself? (19:05)
  7. How can people support me? (23:35)
  8. What aspects of yourself are the most masculine? (27:33)
  9. Is there any part of your past self that you miss? (28:48)

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